11 November 2010-- Skins4Sale

I have added a new section 'Skins4Sale'. This section showcase skins for

sale. If you want to buy any of the skin with @cash, add me on msn:


27 October 2010-- Comment for Free Skin [Closed]

First 10 people who comment in the comment box will win my limited edition checkered boxhead skin! (Click here to view skin)



1. Comment about the website

2. No Spamming

3. Remember to state your email address

24 October 2010-- Birth of a new Skin Website

Welcome all to my new Getamped Skin Website.I am playing GetampedSea and my ign is ! *Fieryboi* ! .Very sorry that my old skin forum (fieryland.ipbfree) closed down, it was totally unexpected. However I will try to share as many skins as possible once again and I hope that it will be as successful as my previous skin forum which had thousands of registered members ,thx to all your support. =D

In this website I plan to share many free skins ( some made by me , most made by other ppl), perhaps sell some of my selfmade skins, and maybe put up some guides,videos,etc.

Unfortunate it will take sometime to upload the skins you have to be patient but I will try my best anyway!


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